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Typical yuppie suburban American town with a superiority complex. There are more cops per capita than anywhere else who have nothing better to do than pull you over for no reason and bust high schoolers parties to take the mike's hard lemonade home to their wives. Everyone has a dog and 2 kids. Everyone thinks they're cooler than everyone else because they had that monogrammed Hollister shirt first. For some reason the guys think its cool to spike their hair up like aaron carter at aaron's party. The mom's all bleach their hair and the dad's wear the same jeans they wore in the nineties. It used to be the fastest growing city in Minnesota but then the housing market crashed and no one wanted to live in those cookie cutter houses anymore. At the high school football games which you totes have to attend the girls all think leggings are real pants and say fun things to the opposing team like, "we've got money yes we do, we've got money how bout you." even though they have no more money than anyone else in this delightful state. They have a nice mall. Also their mascot is a maple leaf...
"I was in Maple Grove Minnesota the other day..."
"Cool story bro, tell it again."
by scrapmetal December 04, 2011
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