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A drinking game amongst friends. Can either be played with 750's, Liters or 1.75's depending on the tolerance and size of the group. Obtain a bottle of Captain Morgan, Admiral Nelson and Sailor Jerry's. Also take the size of the group and multiply that times 2... obtain that many mini-shots of Kraken Black Spiced Rum (if you can't find those, a bottle will do just fine). The goal is to finish all three bottles of Captain, Admiral and Sailor and each member of the group get's 2 shots of the Kraken throughout the experience (in a fashion similar to getting Smirnoff "iced") as to simulate the event of a Kraken attack on the ship. After you have completed this game, you are now probably pretty intoxicated and can tell people you are "sailing the seas".
"What are we drinking tonight?"

"I don't know, man, I was thinking about manning the ship..."

"Dude! I'm so game! I'll tell the guys."
by TheMorningLark August 20, 2015
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