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When you're urinating outdoors in a Manitoba winter and it's -40C with the windchill, and you're trying to push as little of your penis as possible out of your snowmobile suit such that you don't get suffer a frostbitten penis, and at the same time don't urinate in your snowmobile suit.
It takes years for Manitobans to perfect the Manitoba Tuck, eh. Every Manitoban can tell you awful stories about the agony of having a frostbitten penis, and the shame of walking into a bar in a pissed up skidoo suit.

The famous Manitoba Tuck used by curlers is named after the delicate act of pissing outdoors in a Manitoba winter while wearing a snowsuit. Both are a delicate balancing act that take time to master, but can bring great benefits.
by gee_ March 07, 2018
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