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The best metal band of all time.

Manilla Road is an metal band founded by Mark "The Shark" Shelton that formed in 1977. They have released 14 studio albums and 2 live albums.

Originally Manilla Road played progressive rock/heavy metal on the debut but eventually became more and more metal but always retained an epic aspect in their sound. Hence why they are often called epic metal.
Crystal Logic their third album is considered to be one of the very first power metal albums.
After Crystal Logic due to the replacement of the drummer with Randy "Thrasher" Foxe, Manilla Road gained thrash metal influence.

Manilla Road disbanded in 1990/91 with Mark Shelton starting a new project called The Circus Maximus in 1992. This project created one album which the record label placed the Manilla Road name on in order to sell more copies but the style on this album is rather different.

Manilla Road was reformed in 2000 by Mark Shelton.

The albums released since are like a combination of all earlier styles while never being stagnant and always staying fresh.

Currently Manilla Road is finishing an album slated for release sometime this year(2011)
I heard some Manilla Road yesterday, stuff never gets old.
by tomcatha March 22, 2011
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