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Ignore the first definition. Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics is a constantly-improving school (which was horrible 30 years ago) with a good learning environment. The school may be half-full of assholes, but the rest of the students are in fact nice people who care for each other and others' well being. Don't judge a book by its cover. In this case, the school. Did I mention it's across from East River Plaza?
Boy 1: Hey, look over there.
(looks over at a group doing dumb stuff)
Girl 1: Quick, let's get to the bus. I don't want to be seen around them.
Boy 1: Agreed. They're a disgrace to Manhattan Center, they should be transferred out.
Girl 1: Good point.
by MattXD162 March 07, 2011
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A high school full of hispanics where everyone looks the same,fits into there cliques, and talk shit behind your back and never say anything to your face! The girls are sluts and the boys all lie and want to be ghetto and now the girls all want to be bisexual!
mcsm boy: i go to manhattan center and i'm mad tuff
random boy: then fight me
mcsm boy: chill i'm by myself

mcsm girl: hey want to have sex
another mcsm girl: ok
by Ayan James July 25, 2008
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