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Charismatic and Adventurous, MandyJane, Wow she will never leave you wishing for more. Full-fills your fantasy's. MandyJane is the best toy in the toy store, plush and cuddly, no batteries required... hours and hours of feisty fun. MandyJane is your favorite person, she will always brighten your day because she is like pure sunshine. If ever you need to be put in a good mood, just call MandyJane. She enjoys dancing and doing acrobatics for an audience, sharing her passion with those who surround her. Her friends call her FairyJane because she is always running amuck sharing her fairy dust, giggles, wild energy and flare for life.
person 1: wow I'm feeling so sleepy...
person 2: have you tried a dose of MandyJane today?!
person 1: oh wow I've yet to try her, do you have her with you...
person 2: *blinks twice* FAIRYPOWER!!! I don;t always take Mandy Jane but when I do I take it analy ;)

oooh you silly FairyJane....
by Scott HA August 22, 2012
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