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This group of people are man's finest get me rude boi? Contains celebrities from Manchester. Anything from rap superstars to Jeremy Beadle. Wayne Rooney thinks hes part of them but hes some Liverpool batty man with some elephant ear's a fat waste man head. I remember from "Rio Ferdinand's punk'ed" T.V show, David Beckham said all the bad mans come from Moss side, cuz the moss side mandem blows the fat chunks. Billy Davis (ex Derby reject manager) Used to pick up some fat prostitute slags about Moss side, thats why that man is ruff as old balls.
1) Paul: You see them mans right there?
Jim: Yea.
Paul: They are Manchester all star riddim. Total bad mans.

2) Steve: do you smoke paul?
Paul: erm no i dont. I dont smoke Cigarettes, I dont smoke cigar. I dont smoke a pipe pipe pipe pipe. I dont smoke the reefer.
Steve: you should join Manchester all star riddim, cuz you sound like a bad boi.

3) Lil jon once quoted saying " i know im a bare ruff man cuz i smoke enough puff man, but if you in Manchester all star riddim you get enough snuff to last you a long time.
by Garry G elitter January 21, 2008
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