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The strongly held belief in the gay community that Justin Bieber's asshole will one day be expanded "from sea to shining sea" in order to accommodate the lubricated fist of an adult male. Advocates of ManFist Destiny believe that expansion is not only inevitable but that it is readily apparent ("ManFist" e.g., from the root word "manifest") and inexorable ("destiny"). Believers contend that Justin Bieber is a natural bottom twink, and that it is "only a matter of time" before he will begin to engage in the most revolting and piggish sexual practices known to man. Some adherents believe that ManFist Destiny includes participation in pissboy marathons, the eating of human feces through a gloryhole, and other extreme fetishes.
"Justin Bieber is the Chosen One. He will one day evolve into the ultimate twink, and his ass will be available and ready to accommodate any willing fist. This is not only his Destiny, it is our Destiny. Go in peace, brethren, and rememember that together we share one ManFist Destiny. So say we all."

- Arch Priest of the Gays Gary Dong, 2010
by GROSSFATGUY420 April 11, 2010
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