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(n) An efficient method of sexual intercourse for gay males. Lining up in a single-file line with the shortest male in back, insert your penis into the anus of the person directly in front of you until a linked chain is formed. Proceed with a repeating back-and-forth motion of the pelvis, alternating direction with the person in front of you until every man has been satisfied.

Since the shortest person, also known as the "caboose" or the "bitch", will normally ALWAYS be in back, it is considerate to allow them to be in front on occasion so that they may experience anal stimulation. This can be achieved by finding some bricks or a small table for them to stand on so that they are a more suitable height for the tallest of the group.

If you can collaborate a large enough group, a ring formation can also be formed. This is known as a Mexican Firing Squad.
Homosexual #1: This study group is really boring. I'd much rather be making a Man Kabob.
Homosexual #2: Yeah, I agree, let's wrap it up in 10 or 15 and go back to my apartment.
Homosexual #3: Sounds like fun, but I'm the shortest one here, and I prefer to take it.
Homosexual #4: That's okay, we can pick up a cinder block on the way.
by Robstoppable November 12, 2007
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