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mamre christian college is a gay school with no extra curricular activities. It has only 20 or less people per grade and where everyone acts the same and have no imagination or enthusiasm to actually have some real fun. If you are the least bit different then everyone else, you are made to feel like an outsider by the students AND the staff. The school crushes your very spirit and yet they claim to be CHRISTIAN.
A conversation with between a student of Mamre Christian College and a student from another school.

Mamre student: OMG, my school is like sooo cool. I go to mamrAY.

Other school student: What makes your school so cool?

Mamre student: Um..................we have hot chicks.

Other school student: Yeah, every school does. What else makes it so cool.

Mamre student: Were just cool ok. Look at my friends for instance.

*Mamre student points to a bunch of sluts and wogs*

Other school student: What extra curricuala activities does your school have.

Mamre student: Um...................SCHOOL CAMP

Other school student: Thats it. You don't have anything else. What do you guys do for fun.

Mamre student: Our whole grade palys HANDBALL, in the morning, at recess, lunch AND while we are waiting for the bus, cause it is like teh cool.

Other school student: I can't beleive you guys still play that, I though you were in highschool.

Mamre student: Doesn't every else act like us?

Other school student: No, we actually do other stuff and we all arn't clones like you guys.

Mamre student: You soo wish you were us.

*the other school student walks away and jokes with his/her school friends about how mamre people are stupid, boring, narrowmind, wannabees*
by n/ab April 17, 2007
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