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Mama Clounch- a person you already know if you "know" her. and also can be used torwards everything is smaller than mama clounch. everything< Mama clounch. she can do everything pretty much. also if you see two people talking about mama clounch and you dont know who she is dont ask.. you already know her you just havent thought about it.
guy: hey man how was mama clounch last night
guy2: o ya mama clounch was good as always
guy: man can i leave i wanna go home
guy2: you cant leave
guy: why
guy2: cuz mama clounch dont want you to leave
guy: my food is cold
guy2:mama clounch says eat it

guy2:cuz she said so..and cuz its not cold its warm enough
guy: no big deal just played an intense game of "tetris" with mama clounch last night.
by sweet sugar pie March 03, 2011
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