A wonderful nickname for a wonderful girl! This girl normally loves the movie Coco, and probably has best friends named Shelly and Sheldon! Her real name is most likely Gabby!
Hey Mama Coco how ya doin
by 0K.B00MER December 8, 2019
Something that a person would say if they know mama coco and cocomelon (especially if mama coco was from smash bros), they would make something goofy like "cOcOmElOn MaMa CoCo SmAsH BrOs"
John: Yo wassup dawg
Finger: cocomelon mama coco smash bros
John: I'll just, be right here okay?
Finger: c o c o m e l o n m a m a c o c o s m a s h b r o s
by seraam_thgiN October 6, 2022