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Anytime you are fed up with an establishment/party/residence where music is playing preferably one with a jukebox, you very discretely put on November Rain by Gun's n Roses and then bounce the fuck out leaving everyone to suffer through the long and painstaking process of listening to all 9 minutes of the song when they'd probably rather hear the new Kanye joint.
P1: Dude remember when we were at the bar where they kept playing that top 20 bullshit thats on the radio anyway?

P2: Yea what about it? That's most bars/clubs.

P1: Okay but remember when we were about to leave and I casually walked up to the Jukebox Making it November Rain?

P2: Oh yea dude. Good thing we didn't stick around those people were probably super pissed!
by Kdiddy K Puffy Combs August 02, 2011
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