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A 7-Up TV advertisement from 1999-2005, which featured comedian Orlando Jones wearing a green t-shirt that said "MAKE 7" on the front of it, and "UP YOURS!" on the back of it. Jones would then walk around and tell people to "Make 7-Up Yours!", where he would get responses like an angry insulted guy yelling "Same to you!"

This advertisement actually became so popular that shirts similar to the one Jones wore became available for sale through many gag-gift catalogues, record/CD stores, and Media Play entertainment centers.
ORLANDO JONES: I'm the guy who makes 7-Up, and I also write the advertising. I just came up with a great new slogan - "Make 7-Up Yours!" *points at front of shirt* "Make 7", *points at back of shirt* "Up Yours!"...
by Chief of the Okhrana November 25, 2015
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