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A word commonly used on the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao) in the Caribbean to describe the Dutch.
It's from the language Papiamentu, the native language spoken on these three islands.

The word Makamba is also commonly mistaken as a negative word to describe the Dutch because most residents of the ABC islands emphasize on the word when using it and only use it when talking negative things about the Dutch.

But in fact Makamba is derived from the words ma kambia, which mean I've changed in Papiamentu.
This comes from the times before Holland switched to using Euros as currency when a Antillean guilder (currency of the ABC islands) was worth twice as much in Holland and a lot of residents of the ABC islands would move there to benefit from this increased worth of their currency.

They would return to the ABC islands on vacation completely changed and fluently speaking Dutch.

Having completely adapted themselves to the Dutch lifestyle.
Wak e makamba ey kana ront kere ta masha kos e ta.

Look at that makamba walk around thinking he's all that.
by Shaqo March 16, 2011
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