A man who is very proud of his underachieving, pompous, and arrogant son. He looks to mold his son into what he could never be. Often severely out of shape, controlling, and hungry.

*This reference is mainly accompanied by several bouts of self appreciation and flexing of muscles.
Mah Son: "Dude guys Mah Dad says I'm the best! I was doin' all these hot ass chicks and he was like yeah you go Mah Son! They wanted to feel my six pack. I think they underestimated me."
Bro: "Woah, what's that? (Floor is rumbling) An earthquake? Oh wait never mind that's just Mah Dad...."
Mah Dad: "Yeah Mah Son! They shouldn't have messed with the most athletic in the group!"
by KyleKO June 24, 2011
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