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The well-known and liberally discussed philisophical debate on whether or not it would be worth one billion dollars to suck on Magic Johnson's HIV infected cock until completion on live television.

It is generally acknowledged that, of the two camps, those of the opinion that it is worth the one billion dollars are not affected by further augmentations to the wager for the sake of humiliation (for example, ass to mouth, or ass to goat to mouth, or ass to goat to contestant's mom, to mouth, etc...)
Alex said he'd take the Magic Johnson's Johnson Gambit, cure aids, execute anyone who's ever seen the video, and cackle with maniacal cachinations as he fucked Natalie Portman nightly in his custom sex dungeon, the likes of which Gary Gygax has never seen.

Still, everyone would.. know...
by Scottee Mac November 22, 2010
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