Brownies/other types of cake that have been "spiced up" with marijuana/coke/other drugs.
by SmackEater April 14, 2006
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Magic Brownies are similar to space brownies, but rather than marijuana added, the ingredient of importance if LSD, the halucinogenic drug that became popular in the sixties. This is a very dangerous, but very fun drug, and usually causes the user to see visions and feel things that arent really there, which is really cool depending on your mood. To make these brownies, you make brownies as you normally would, but before putting them in the oven, you mix LSD into the brownie mix. BE VERY CAREFUL!!! This is important : if you put too much LSD in or you are in a bad mood when you eat the brownies, you will see things that you DONT WANT TO SEE!!! You may also hurt yourself beacuse of what u think you see or feel. However, if done correctly, you will have an awesone trip on some ol Alice in Wonderland type shit,u kno, seein purple cats n orange elephants and other fanatical things of that nature. Its really a dreamy experience as long as you dont fuck it up.
Eliot: Yo! those space brownies you made las week was the shit scrizzy! How u gonna top that?
Chris: Check this shit out! i made magic brownies this week nigga!!
Eliot:Oh hells yeah!!
by s0n0fth3m0rn1ng April 3, 2009
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Any type of brownie cooked with Cannabis butter (Cannabutter) in lieu of standard butter. The brownie is eaten, usually before smoking a joint or blunt, and produces a much slower acting but often far more intense high than would be achieved through smoking the Cannabis flowers (bud).
"I just eat a couple magic brownies before I smoke a joint, so that as the high from the joint finishes, the high from the brownies begins..."
by Pitchblende June 12, 2005
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a delicious magical hash filled snack. :D
jh00 n00b g1v3 m3eh a magic br0wni3 0r i w1ll pwn jh00!
by aNugenerwazn December 28, 2004
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