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Also known as batmaggie, Maggie Allen is the girl that doesn't enjoy being called Moo Moo or Marge or Peggy. Saying anything listed above results in an instant retaliation. She likes to demoralize and physically injure those she sits with on bus rides, and will always find a way to sleep through your Saturday afternoons. Upon meeting a Maggie Allen, one may find she says something ridiculous that is oddly strange and sexually stimulating at the same time. Overall, a Maggie Allen might come off harsh, but eventually she'll let you sleep on her unbelievably comfortable knee cap.
First thing Maggie Allen said to me was that she could fit her fist in her mouth.

I can't believe Maggie Allen just hit me for making a cow noise.

Maggie Allen keeps saying she has an obese butt.
by stuffthannnngs October 22, 2014
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