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Commonly referred to as Pogo (John Wayne Gacy's clown name), Madonna Wayne Gacy was the longtime keyboardist (1989 - 2007) for Marilyn Manson, replacing original keyboardist Zsa Zsa Speck. Real name being Stephen Gregory Bier Jr., he was born on March 6th, 1964 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. His stage name was formed by combining the names of Madonna and John Wayne Gacy. He has played on every Marilyn Manson album to date, with the exception of the most recent release, Eat Me, Drink Me. Shortly before the release of Eat Me, Drink Me, he left the band and returned home due to a major family crisis. He was replaced by Chris Vrenna, who had previously played live drums with Marilyn Manson after their drummer, Ginger Fish, was injured when he fell from the back of his drum riser and then off of the very high stage in 2004.
Madonna Wayne Gacy - one man, many hairstyles. While he was still in Marilyn Manson, used to have a section of the stage called "Pogo's Playhouse", which he would decorate with various items.
by Hoodsie Woods February 16, 2009
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