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applies to any situation in which one is in a very relaxed, nonchalant state of being. This state of being is usually the result of a)being overworked b)giving up hope of success c)legitimately taking a rest d)under the influence of something e)just plain ol' lazy

Can also apply to non-human entities or other objects.
1. "You failed the quiz!?" "Yeah bro I be mad chillin' on studying."

2. "I asked my friend to pay me back but he's mad chillin' aka not even sweating it."

3. "I missed your call because my phone was missing.

Found it mad chillin' on my bed."
by stefikins15 February 24, 2010
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Means "just chillin" or to be "super chill" in a very extreme way. A common word for stoners because they're stoned. Example: "Hey bro what are you doing after school today" "madchillin"
"Hey bro, what are you doin after school?" "Nothing much, madchillin, you know"
by Miguel Carllos October 24, 2014
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