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Mackellar girls campus
Mackellar girls campus is the definition of bitch school
by kidner June 17, 2019
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Mackellar Girls Campus is the definition of a bitch school. Every girl either smoked weed in year 7 or will forever live in their parents basement. We can’t tell what is higher: them or their skirts.

Everyone knows that if Warringah Mall got bombed Mackellar’s population would halve. You can see the angsty girls walking around with their headphones because they are too povo to afford airpods. They always have either gum or a dick in their mouth.

Mackellar girls like to compete with stella for the saint augustine’s boys in who can get their stomach pumped first. Mackellar often loses and gets stitched up with bally. If the abortion clinic had frequent flyer points, Mackellar would be platinum. You know what they say... Mackellar girls can do anything
Person 1: Who’s that being arrested?
Person 2: Ah, must be from Mackellar Girls Campus
by johnhowardsmith101 July 13, 2019
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