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The Macaroni Challenge originated in ancient Rome at a small liberal arts college in Maryland. The Macaroni Challenge is a feat that should only be undertaken by Brave Men. The Macaroni Challenge consists of extensive Macaroni Consumption over a period of exactly 24 hours. The Macaroni Challenge should not be aired on FOX in 24 discrete episodes occuring in Real Time. Completion of the Macaroni Challenge shall be invalidated if the participant cries or throws up. According to the World Macaroni Challenge Counsel (WMCC) the Macaroni must be presented with a Cheese Topping And Consumed From A Small Bowl Using A Tined Eating Utensil. There has only been one certified completion of the Macaroni Challenge.
Dont be a bitch! We're not going to let you into our frat unless you complete the Macaroni Challenge!
by Julius Tabernacle April 13, 2008
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