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MacGruber'd, commonly pronounced "Magruberd", adj: Based on the Saturday Night Live skit "MacGruber", this word describes a person in an impending state of doom or annihilation.

Alternate usage:
Dunzo MacGruber'd,adj:Describes a person in an excessive inebriated state, soon to be either passed out or sick to the point of vomiting.

Drunko MacGruber,Proper noun: Refers to a person in a highly intoxicated state.

-Made popular by students of Amherst College.
MacGruber'd:Playing a video game, "Dude, you are so MacGruber'd." This comment would be directed towards the person with clear imminent death.

Dunzo MacGruber'd: At a party,"Look how much that guy drank, he is dunzo MacGruber'd.

Seeing a drunk person approaching,"Hey drunko MacGruber, did you have enough to drink tonight?"(in a facetious tone)
by Indianajeff13 November 07, 2009
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