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The aluminum MacBook, released by Apple in October 2008.

The day it was released, it was modeled as a new version of the MacBook. However, in June of 2009, at WWDC, it was announced that a newer version of this MacBook would be created, the 13" MacBook Pro.

The main difference between the two was the Firewire 800 port being added to the Pro, in addition to an SD card slot, backlit keyboard, and built-in battery.

This phrase was dubbed by the Mighty, Mighty Adam B., when the new MacBook Pro was created. And, oh, how mighty and mighty the Mighty, Mighty Adam B. is.
Alfred: (When syncing iPad for the first time) We are deploying the MacBook Amateur, a name that was coined by the Mighty, Mighty Adam B. Adam, could you say what the MacBook Amateur is?

Adam B.: It's the aluminum ackbe--, ackbook, Ackbar -- It's a trap!
by RA_andom October 31, 2010
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