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Ma'el is usually a boy that enjoys his time to play video games and sports. All of the women that meet him love him at one point in their life and usually try to get with him. He's slim but his body is amazing, seems tough but is very soft
Girl: Hey what's your name
Boy: Ma'el
Girl: No wonder you're so built
by DatxXxBoi2415 November 13, 2017
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An initially charming but inevitably strange and irritating guy. May lure you in with his sexy mysterious foreign accent but do not be fooled! He will never commit to you.
Maël is really getting on my nerves. He doesn't understand shit!
by idfkbruva June 06, 2019
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Crazy, smart, handsome, kind of short, but is tall in IQ
What a Mael!
by Malfoy'sgreensocks February 04, 2019
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French. An injured track stud who makes a comeback.
He pulled a Mael! He broke his ankle earlier in the season but came back and won it all!
by lashawntay Deronwilliams March 30, 2008
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