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A commonly used empty buzz phrase embarrassingly spouted by unimaginative and uneducated Labour or Remain supporting sheep when they start losing an argument to their opponents sound reason and logic, most commonly regarding the EU, economics, immigration, culture, or Islam.

When faced with an unassailable, watertight argument, rather than counter-argue rationally or concede defeat, Labour or Remain supporters will desperately attempt to blame or scapegoat the Daily Mail, a British tabloid which hardly anybody reads anymore, in a pathetic effort to dismiss an argument or shout down the opposition.

This empty buzz phrase is usually accompanied by the hysterical screeching of more empty buzzwords such as bigot, xenophobe, and racist.

This phrase can be compared to the equally absurd notion of calling everyone you disagree with a Nazi.
Listen Alastair, the bloated and noxious EU has proven to be a colossal failure in Europe. It is unaccountable, undemocratic, incompetent, and sucking our treasury dry. Any rational person, left or right, can see that.

by Ser Jorah August 30, 2017
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