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Festinger's Theory of Cognitive Dissonance postulates that individuals,when presented with evidence contrary to their worldview or situations in which they must behave contrary to their worldview, experience "cognitive dissonance."


There is a connection between mode 2 thinking and cognitive dissonance.
Emotionally based thinking is much more susceptible to facts and logic which contradict the justification for that thinking or emotional worldview.
Factually or logically inconsistent cognitions are
countered not with consistent factual/logical cognitions, but with emotional cognitions.

For the mode 2 thinker, the universe is not a
matter of logic and fact, it is a matter of emotion, and when presented with logic or facts that contradict a strongly held emotion, they respond not with a logical/factual refutation of that contradiction, but
with an emotional refutation.

The mode 2 thinker refutes emotionally,not logically.

This is why one cannot debate or discuss logic and facts
with mode 2 thinkers. Any reasoned discussion or debate is met with emotional discussion or debate. It is like trying to debate with a child...they simply don't hear you.

How can one counter emotional arguments?
Answer: It is not possible.
Mode 2 thinkers cannot be persuaded rationally...i.e. with facts and logic that contradict their worldview.

Only rational individuals can be persuaded with contradictory facts and logic.

MODE 2 Thinking.... ESDLs say...don't confuse me with the facts for I have already made up my mind and the facts will just confuse me!
Mode 2 thinking... Hilliary says "It's a vast right wing conspiracy".
MODE 2 thinking......Al Gore won in 2000, Humans cause Global Warming and not the SUN!
Mode 2 thinking.... George Bush is an idiot, but he tricked the smartest woman in the world to vote for the Iraq war, Hilliary
Mode 2 thinking....Oral sex is not sex, and ...."it depends on what the meaning of "is...IS"
Mode 2 thinking..... School teachers say, "pay us more and we will teach better"
Mode 2 thinking.... They get so much more than I do, It's not fair!
Mode 2 thinking..... We are over worked & underpaid!

by Dead Gophers November 12, 2007
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