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1. A disease carrying member of the male sex who should be expelled and condemned to live alone on an island full of people like himself.

2. Someone who is balding and who's hair is never coming back.

3. Someone who is a 'wanna-be pimp.'

4. Someone who likes to pretend like his penis is longer and works better than it really is or does. It is never been more than seven inches, and no, it's not that fun.

5. My biggest and most regretted mistake.

6. Someone who is married to a Don King look alike who hasn't discovered "FrizzEase" yet.
"Hey man, look at that ugly motherfucking fool walking down the street with that beautiful princess! That guy is such a 'MJ the internet pimp,' how did he get with her?"
by MzLady214 August 12, 2006
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