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A small group of extremely attractive middle age women who fight the battle against staying loyal to their husbands through having as many sexual encounters with others as possible. These "others" are also known as "POS", or Prisoners of Sex. They are forced (willingly) to fuck the shit out of each member of the MILFitia. The members of a MILFitia often are seen at beaches with their children, in the frozen food section at a shopping center without the restriction of a bra, and at the local soccer games cheering their kids on every thursday night in their short shorts and tight tank top. Their seductive tactics help to avoid the use of weapons. They prefer to use the power of sex to fight their battles.
MILFitia milf-ish-a.........Take a look around. No need for an example, follow the definition and you'll see examples EVERYWHERE.
by warheadzz July 29, 2010
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