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off the hook, awesome, rampaging, awe-inspiring, remarkable, extraordinary, not pants
1. Exceeding the minimal standard of satisfaction.
2. A truly outrageous party or gathering.
3. Represent something really amazing.
4. To receive this moniker, the experience has transcended the norm and in fact gone way beyond it - to realms that are (almost) void of definition. MACHETE DESHTROYER, use sparingly.

"Ah Dawg, that 'News from one fucked up weekend' post about that MACHETE DESHTROYER party was MACHETE DESHTROYER!!"

"How was your party Jim?"
"Jesus, fucking Christ, it was insane. It was MACHETE DESHTROYER!"
"Oh, very well. I need those insurance reports on my desk first thing!"
by Mikeythemike July 17, 2006
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