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M her S means to make a girl squirt.
Dude 1: (puts fingers in front of friend's nose) Guess what I did last night

Dude 2: Damn!

Dude 1: Yeah, I def M her S
by The m her s master. September 06, 2009
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If something is just overwhelming or no answer is necessary. Just reply with "Mher" also can be used as you would use an "eh" or an "erm". You may wish to randomly shout "mher" when out with friends.
Friend: hiya, wna get some pizza?
You: Mher. ok.
You: Mher, hi.
Friend: Hiya, mher.
by L-a-m March 08, 2007
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An ugly fat goody graded kid who will never get a girl because he has an eye disorder where he cant take normal pictures.
Girl 1.Omg mher
Mher. Yeah?
Girl 1.Why is your dick so small.
Mher.because I'm ugly
by 123kunemlavet October 26, 2018
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abbreviation for m-hairyass / meathair / anything you can think of that has the "hair" sound in it for an insult.
mher has a m-hairy ass.
by Dane and Matt March 26, 2005
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A male to female transgender. (The h is silent like in myhr)
The shoe salesman said to another, "I didn't think we would have anything that would be laarge enough to fit her, the other salesperson replied, thats was a sher, a mher? Yes, a male to female transgender. something's on our bodies can't be changed like the size of your foot.
via giphy
by HopeV1 January 09, 2019
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