A BMW that isn't a proper M Car.

You have mainline BMW M Power High Performance cars, such as the 1M, M3, M5, Z3M, even the M2, for example.

But there are range of more affordable, not so premium, and overall a less desirable car - and that is the M Lite!

These cars will include M140i, M135i, M50i, M340i, the new Z4 M40i and any Diesel

(the "i" at the end stands for "I Can't Afford An M Car")

The problem is, owners of M Lite BMW's usually tell everyone they own an M1 or M3, because they're too ashamed to tell the truth.

Also, do not be fooled by what M Sport owners say - this also falls under the moniker of M Lite.
Car guy 1: "Hey, I just got a new car!"

Car guy 2: "No way! Did you get that BMW 1M you were telling me about?"

Car guy 1: "Uh.. Yes, yes I did! It's great. Feels so good to finally have a M Power car. I love my M140i"

Car guy 2: "Hold on.. That's an M Lite! Why would you lie to me like that? We are no longer friends"
by Master Fuego April 5, 2023
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