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A stinky, greasy soyboy, they often take pictures with their sisters and cousin's to claim a false deity of having a girlfriend. They often attempt to be "Alpha" but fall short from even being betas, we place them as charlie because of their muscle deficiency,acne, along with their half assed mullets and shitty Walgreen's sunglasses. They often use their underwear as cum rags and never wash them, they also can be spotted in a crowd if you see them with a closed fist every other minute. They often get married in their early thirties to women who mentally abuse and cheat on them, they believe it's their fault, they usually either end up being cucks, or kill their wives, mostly both. For sexual release they often seek out sex favors in virtual reality chat, could it be a girl giving them a sloppy toppy, they could look like Andy Milonakis, or it could be a twink, at the end of their nut bust, they really don't care.
ex. That kid with the trench coat sure looks like a lysmatic, wonder if we shouldn't go to school tomorrow.
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by S Y R I N G E June 09, 2018
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