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A school in Abu Dhabi, with so many gays and useless people. Plenty of whores and fake bitches. They bad tho, don't fuck with them.
Guy 1: Damn, I got beef with a guy from Lycée Louis Massignon. Guy 2: Boy you weak.
by shetheshitdoe April 10, 2017
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A school in Abu Dhabi full of gay boys, whores and suicidal people. Also has over 100+ teachers who probably do drugs.
I hate my school.
What is it?
Lycee Louis Massignon
by Insxvng December 08, 2017
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This is a school where teachers are gay af, tests are fucked up, white people around you wherever you walk and most definitely fights happen over girls usually with two arabs and the girl ends up of being a hoe that’s not worth it.
Holy shit, you heard, these two just faught over a hoe at school and the teachers are gay.
Oh! Then it has to be lycée louis massignon.
by HeyYoNibba October 30, 2018
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