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The LumberjackExpress is a 150 people HighSchool Marching Band in Richwood, WestVirginia. The school only has 200-300 student population. The Director Mr. Greg James who is now accomponied by Mr. Michael Fox who has taken the place of Mr. Gene Collins who left for a job recently. The Lumberjack Express dress in Bright Orange Jackets with wither White pants or Black with a OrangeandWhite Stripe down the side. TheLumberjackExpress has made special Features in DisneyLand, SixFlags, DollyWood, NiagraFalls, NewYorkCity and many other places around the UnitedStates. This is one of the biggest and loving families I've ever been apart of, even though I'm only a Freshman. The LumberjackExpress does care about you and you'll make the friends of a lifetime.
loving richwood Lumberjack Express
by FreshManClarinet2016 December 02, 2012
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