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An extremely good looking pair of individuals who are perfect for each other. They share an incredible 'connection' that only they understand... And they like it that way. When these two people are 'together' nothing can come between them, even if they do argue. Why? Because they're invincible. The 'Erin' of the relationship is a seriously amazing and beautiful girl who is hilarious and ALWAYS right. When she teams up with the 'Luke' of the relationship you will find that she'll take the piss out of him a lot, but it's just a bit of BANTAAAAR. They like each other a lot and each of them sees something special in the other. You will find that they're usually massive losers when it's just the two of them but its okay because they're cute and they make each other happy...
AY HUN whose that mind boggling gorgeous couple over there?

Oh that's just Luke and Erin... No big
by monkeyelephant November 23, 2010
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