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1.complete piss on your face, and enjoy it victor. cannot be slain. known to bring the pain, and make it rain on anybody.

2, commonly found in the top ranks, of any COD Call of Duty tournament.
2a. Typicall seen COD4 or WaW.

3. fucking your moms right now, thank you for the privacy. Go to sleep, Daddy cook ya breakfast in the morning.

4. eat a dick. and Thug Life. if the T faded away, you'd just be another faggot.

5. A one man killing machine in some parts of the world a GOD !!!!!

6. The worlds most deadly Italian dinner.

7. When the world looks under the bed for Chuck Norris... Chuck Norris looks under the bed for Luger Lasagna.
1.Yo that foo Luger be on game to game steady shit.

2.Damn, Lasagna stay bustin' caps in that ass all day?

3.I think, im a have a baby, and tha daddy be on some Luger Lasagna

4. PIC: "DJlovedwiener" aka Bonnie
by Luger Himself March 18, 2009
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