That place you go to when you have consumed all of the imported beer, and are left with nothing to drink but the cheap stuff (ie, Lucky Lager).

Named for the Springsteen song which proclaims:

I'm going down to Lucky Town
Down to Lucky Town
I'm gonna lose these blues I've found
Down in Lucky Town

It should be noted that Lucky Town is more a state of mind (and drunkeness) than it is an actual place, although it could be argued that the back of the refridgerator (where Lucky Lager traditionally resides) is Lucky Town.
Sheen: "Dude, where are you going? We're all out of green-bottle beer."

Llibs (Returning from the fridge with a couple of Lucky Lagers): "I'm going down to Lucky Town."

Sheen (Nodding his head knowingly): "Things are about to get ugly."
by seanmccallum June 16, 2008