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1. The nickname of the worst basketball player on the Chicago Bulls.
2. Culprit that disallowed the bringing in of Kobe Bryant
3. Nickname of player who wore Joker facepaint and literally robbed the Bulls at "gunpoint" (meaning his finger was in his pocket)
4. Punching a pregnant woman in the uterus, who is in her third trimester.
1. Jesus Christ, Lu Bang missed another fucking jump shot!
2. My name is Kobe Bryant, and i love Lu Bang! HOLLER!
3. My name is Lu Bang, gimme yo money Johnny Pax. Why so serious?
4. Dude! I totally found my girlfriend pregnant, so i gave her a sweet Lu Bang to make sure that shit didnt pop out! I CANT PAY NO CHILD SUPPORT.
by AnniesPanties123 March 02, 2009
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