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A sarcastic remark about a party hinting that it is a few bros sitting back drinking beer, but in reality it is a large gathering of individuals that partake in an absolute rager party where massive amounts of alcohol are consumed and everyone has one single goal, to become absolutely wasted. These parties normally contain some variety of jungle-juice and are known for people to black-out. The gathering is absolutely insanity to the point where random things appear that are not expected (i.e. zoo animals). These parties are normally so full that it is impossible to move around.
Person 1: Did you do anything fun last night?
Person 2: I went to Dylan's house, it was pretty chill. We just had a low-key kick back.
Person 1: Nice, dude sounds relaxing.
Person 2: I guess you could say that.
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by MedGunner23 October 03, 2019
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