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When one shaves all their pubic hair except for the hair between their testicles/vagina and their anus.
I think she trapped the stench in her Low Hawk.
by Allen Patrick Wagner January 23, 2012
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A mo-hawk that is designed in pubic hair. Usually consists of a straight line from belly button to genitals. Also known as a "below-hawk" and "down-below-hawk."
Your girlfriend has a low-hawk.
by MikeHawire May 02, 2005
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A progressive coiff for one's nether-parts, where the testicular or labia regions are cropped short, leaving a taller tuft of hair along the midline (continuing anterior from the grundle). This hairstyle is modeled after the more popular mohawk. Note: This is not unlike a landing strip when used on women; the primary difference is the lowhawk has longer length.
My man is flying to town today, so I'm gonna surprise him with a lowhawk!
by Dr Evil 518 September 12, 2010
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When your dick has a long strip of hair on the top.
To see and example of the Lowhawk:

1. Shave all the hair on your dick, but a little strip on the top, parallel with your belly button, and then...

2. Look at your dick.
by thrilllll May 02, 2011
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