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A 'Low Plait' is a person who usually dons a whispy, wirey, untamable low plait/saggy bun. They have a raring passion for nature and the environment and will rarely ever use electricity, bras or deoderant. They relish in body hair and wear fleeces, socks and sandals (hessian footwear is pivotal), as comfort and practicality is key. All food will be grown themselves and hugging trees is a must. Past times include hiking, long country walks, collecting fossils and bird watching. A 'Low Plait' does not rely on watches, as they believe they would be adapting to consumerism, and so instead use the sun.
"Mmm...the smell of rosemary makes me think of Spring"..."Wow, that was low plait of you!"

"I just found a great hefty fleece...and it's made from 100% recyclable material!"..."What a low plait thing to say!"
by Chanisa Joan Scholomon November 30, 2011
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