The last time I had a definition for this word it was 400,000 years ago.
The Lovey Dovey Tentacle Monsters in a Cup were not always tentacle monsters. Oh sorry, yeah they were. But they were not always in a cup. They were once mortal enemies in outer space in their space pods. They pod battled for supremacy. When they decided that was boring they would pod race, like in episode one. God, I hate that kid who plays Anakin. Little kids dont all suck at acting. Get one that knows how to deliver a line. But that little turd did not ruin it for me so its all good. He could never bring down a juggernaut like Star Wars. Speaking of Juggernaut, have you seen the new X-MEN movie? I haven't yet, but I have heard really good things. Anyway, the tentacle monster is in some plastic cup at a wedding or some shit. I dont know.
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