It's when you love someone so bad, that it hurts emotionally, and can even become physically exhausting. Almost every thought ever day involves her. You cannot stop thinking have her. You can even be having a good time and laughing and then rapidly hit rock bottom in sadness when you think of her. Lovesick tends to happen when you are separated from your love in some way, or perhaps you just don't know how they feel of you, and you are afraid to tell them your feelings, and the possibility of them not being interested. Because that thought can tear your heart up. Because when you are this deeply moved by this person and so in love, the thought of not spending the rest of you life with her is the absolute worst thing in the world.
I love Ingvild so much, that all I want to do right now is hold her tight in my arms and kiss her. She is so beautiful my eyes water. It's tough to get out of bed even, because you are so Lovesick (Kjærlighetssyk). Her beauty is so intimidating that i get a butterfly feeling in my stomach and sometimes even a nervous shake. she is the euphoria i've been looking for.
by Clay Arnett January 7, 2010
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