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Started by the lovely lovely geezers of Millwall. The term is now used through out the London firms. The "L.L.G" phenomenon has been used as far north as Everton and as far south as an unknown location in France. To be a "L.L.G" you must look the part, designer clobber, baker boy style hat. You must have a wink and smile that can make the lovelyest of birds melt and the naughtyest of blokes want to back hand you for being a "flash cunt". You must be willing to be on film and/or be able to direct/edit and post "L.L.G" video on internet. The "L.L.G" term has been used by legends and vagrants alike. Many have and will try to make it "their" term and they will not succeed.
"oi you see that geezer flipping halal burgers?"

"ya why?"

"hes vermin, lets give him a slap"

"nar mate cant do hes a lovely lovely geezer"
by LLG youth February 18, 2010
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