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The state in which a Bro can be found lounging, relaxing, "chilling", most often with fellow Bros. The attire is crucial to the success of the Bros "lounging". The Bro will often be wearing their Adidas flip flops (the ones with a single velcro strap across the toes), tube socks, ill-fitting basketball shorts, and most importantly, a cut-off tank-top which is either a ridiculously motivating Nike slogan, or their 2006 Wrestling championship. The Bro will often open their door eating a Jimmy John's sandwich, with a Natty Ice to nurse the hangover from their Bitty infested evening last night. In the background you will hear either football or Call of Duty.
"Dude, what's that in your living room?"
"Oh that's just a lounging Bro".
by The P&P May 17, 2013
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