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a sex act so depraved and vile, you would only see it on urban dictionary
for couples looking to enhance their sex life because normal sex just doesnt do it anymore
when one partner lays down with her ass/ vagina spread open, and the other partner takes an uncapped water bottle filled with chili and jams it up her orifice, then he squeezes out the substance inside of her. then they have sex using that orifice and then the guy cums inside and they change positions to where that the woman's ass/ vagina is on the guys mouth, and then the women presses out the vile substance into the man's mouth, and then they french kiss until its all gone.
i was hungry and wondering where the all the chili was, but then i soon discovered my roomate was doing the Louisiana Spicy Chili with his girlfriend. i almost puked out of my ass because it was so nasty.
by o.z. tha o.g. September 17, 2010
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