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The product of taking a 1.5 sized good-quality rolling paper, and rolling a semi-hefty amount of moist pipe tobacco in it. It is a very rare, classy treat, in which was created over time by the common smoker, yet finally named on the date of 9.15.2011 at roughly 12:30 A.M. by two college freshmen. It came to be by one having a pipe to smoke, and the other fairly lacking, so the idea was sprung, and thus had to be named. It takes a certain amount of skill to roll properly, but last as long if a pipe if done correctly. The only problem, if any with this product, happens to be the moister of the tobacco, which by contact, makes the paper damp and along the same color as the tobacco itself. The rather dirty look, not implying any hint of bias towards Louisiana(state), brings about a hint of beauty, that you would find in the marshes and country land found in Louisiana. It is a dirty looking, yet beautiful slow burning treat, meant to be smoke when time is not a concern.
Meet and my friend were smoking, and only one of us had a pipe, so I rolled a Louisiana Stout, and the other smoked it.
by Sacrificial September 14, 2011
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