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One of the messiest dumps in East Tennessee. It is home to 4 major hicktowns, Lenoir City, Loudon, Philadelphia, and Greenback. The inhabitants of this shithole are very ignorant and close minded. Mainly Republican and White, they are intolerant to everything but country music, NASCAR and some Rocky Top football. Loudon County has a VERY high teen pregnancy rate, yet none of these filthy whores ever grow up to do anything productive but bitch, complain, and reap child support. Mexicans, and Hispanics cram into Loudon County, draining the fuck out of the economy, while their little children post up in school hallways pretending to be in MS-13. They can afford to max out their Pinto's, as long as they live in 2 Bedroom Apartments and do laundry at the laundromat. There are barely any job opportunities, but maybe there will be once they finish construction on Highway 321. The Crime rate isn't that bad in terms of murder and shootings, but it's pretty bad considering all that at least 40% of this town has a criminal record, while having an African-American population of 2%. The only way to make lots money in Loudon County is to be involved in the drug trade, which is only for poor trash who have nothing to contribute to society other than waste taxpayer money while they sit in Jails and Prison. The public school system isn't that great either. Students' only wishes are to get the hell out of this area as fast as possible. This area has nothing to offer.
Sam: Well, my hopes and dreams have failed me, Might as well settle here in Loudon County, Tennessee

Joey: Yep.
by VoiceOfTruthTN March 24, 2011
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